Replacement Parts

Your garage door and opener have many moving parts that help it operate. Some of the “unsung” garage door parts you rely on every day are gears. Some openers utilize metal gears and others a hard, plastic material. No matter what type of gear your opener employs, if the gear wears down and begins grinding, you can be in for some serious trouble.

First, you may notice a slowdown of opening. It is also possible the door may open too high, or not high enough. Additionally, the door may make more noise than usual during opening and closing. If you do not find and replace your gear at this point, the gear will grind down to nothing. You may try to open your door one day and find it will not open at all, find that the motor runs and the chain doesn't move, or even a slight burning smell. Yes, you need to replace your gear (or gears).

Types of Gears

First, it is critical that you make sure to replace your gear with the correct type. There are dozens of assorted brands and models on the market. It could be that you need a simple Liftmaster type gear. You can find these nearly anywhere, so it is just a matter of choosing the distributor that offers the best price and service.

If you have a less-common door, it may be that you have to do a little searching to find a reputable distributor. A Moore-o-Matic opener utilizes specific gears that are only sold in a few places. At DIY Garage Door Parts, we carry these hard-to-find Moore-o-Matic gears. This plastic style gear fits the XX150 and XX133 models of garage door opener.

Why Shop With Us?

Whether you have a common garage door opener or a less-common Moore-o-Matic door, DIY Garage Door Parts is your number one resource for gears and other parts. We offer great prices and a huge selection of products. However, we try to go the extra mile by offering a selection of how-to videos and other resources to help you with all your do-it-yourself garage door needs.

Spend some time looking at our range of gears and other parts and do not hesitate to call or contact us online if you have any questions or concerns. DIY Garage Door Parts is always here for you!