Extension springs rely upon a system of cables and garage door pulleys in order to smoothly lift and drop the door. Any time that worn or broken extension springs get replaced, it's a good time to replace the pulleys, too. Also, if one pulley wears out or breaks, you might as well replace all of them. They are inexpensive, and you will probably save yourself trouble later, because they are all bound to wear out at about the same time. Of course, malfunctioning pulleys can cause problems even with good springs. We'll explore some ways to tell if the source of problems with your garage door stems from the pulleys.

At DIY Garage Door Parts, we offer high-quality garage door pulleys in our online store. Each of these parts can lift hundreds of pounds and last for tens of thousands of cycles. Like all of our garage door parts, our pulleys are made in the USA. Because our family-owned business is an actual distributor of garage door parts, we can almost always ship within a day from our large stock, and we offer wholesale prices to the public.

You are welcome to order online or contact us via phone or online chat for help. Of course, we also offer a vast selection of other garage door parts, tools and supplies for do-it-yourself repairs or professional repair businesses. If you don't see something that you need in our store, just ask. We also manufacture and can track down some less common or obsolete parts for residential and commercial overhead doors.

When to Replace Garage Door Pulleys

If the garage door gets stuck or won't sit evenly upon the floor when it's closed, the problem very well could be the garage door pulleys. Very often, problems opening or closing a garage door arise because of worn pulleys. The bearings or rivets might have broken down over the years. The pulley might get split, and the cables won't run through the tracks.

These are some common symptoms of failed pulleys:

  • The garage door won't open or close all the way.
  • The door opens and closes unevenly.
  • The door produces scraping noises as it opens and closes.
  • The door cables look frayed or split.
  • You see visible damage on the pulleys.
  • The door won't sit level upon the floor of the garage.

Replacing Garage Door Pulleys

As a caution, only try to work with these pulleys when the garage door is open. This relieves the tension from the springs. Be sure to disengage the garage door opener. You can use a vise grip to hold the garage door open. As a service to our website visitors and customers, we offer several resources to help with DIY garage door repairs. Fairly handy people can learn to perform their own repairs and save lots of money, but the job should be approached with caution. That's why we offer plenty of resources to help home handymen learn to make garage door repairs safely.

Garage pulleys: This YouTube video, "Garage Door Extension Spring Pulley," explains the advantages of the pulleys we offer here at DIY Garage Door Parts. You can also find this video on our online Garage Door Repair Video page.

These are some of the highlights from this video:

  • When compared to typical pulleys that are rated for only about 10,000 cycles, our pulleys are rated for 25,000 cycles.
  • Our pulleys are made out of much heavier steel than typical pulleys, and you should be able to see and feel the difference right away.
  • Also, these durable parts are likely to run much more quietly and smoothly than the ones you have on your door right now.
  • Any time that you replace your extension springs, you should also replace the pulleys.
  • If you need to replace one pulley, it's a good time to replace all four of them, because the rest are likely to be worn.

Extension spring replacement: This video covers measuring extension springs in order to order the right replacement parts. It also describes the process of safely working with extension springs.

The DIY Garage Door Parts YouTube Video Channel

In order to serve our DIY customers, we have produced an entire library of garage door repair video tutorials. You can also find these videos posted in the Help Center of our website. We offer the YouTube channel as an additional convenience for our customers. You can find plenty of great YouTube apps to use with your smartphones and tablets. If you decide to perform your own garage door repairs, it will be a lot more convenient to take a mobile device out to the garage with you. That way, you can consult the videos as you try to diagnose your garage door issue or perform repairs.

Why Buy Garage Door Pulleys Online From Us?

You can certainly find plenty of online garage door parts stores. However, most of those websites don't represent true distributors. In fact, it's very likely that many of them are simply fronts for drop shippers that don't really even stock parts at  all. They simply order parts from their own distributors after you make an order. That means they probably don't really know much about garage door parts and aren't likely to be eager to offer much customer service.

This is what makes DIY Garage Door Parts different:

  • We keep a vast inventory in stock and buy in bulk.
  • We can ship reliably and quickly.
  • We can offer customer service because this is our family-owned business.
  • We know how to order quality parts and can pass savings on to our customers.
  • We also manufacture some parts and can track down custom orders.
  • Our American, family-owned business takes pride in the parts that we sell and the service that we provide.

Confidently Buy Garage Door Parts, Supplies and Tools Online

We sell quality, American-made garage door parts, tools and supplies to the public and to repair businesses. If you make an order, we will almost always ship it out within a business day. If you have any questions, we welcome your phone calls. You are also welcome to chat with us online. At DIY Garage Door Parts, we take pride in the quality of the parts that we sell and the extra services that we provide. We know that we thrive because our customers return to make more orders and tell their friends and family about us. We hope to work with you to keep your own garage door in great shape.