Cables & Cable Drums

Durable and functional garage door cables and cable drums can help ensure the smooth operation and long life of your door. While garage door springs provide the power to open and close overhead doors smoothly, the cables and drums actually work together to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Buy garage door cables and cable drums: When you need a reliable source of quality, made-in-the-USA garage door cables and cable drums, remember to visit us here at DIY Garage Door Parts. You can begin shopping right here in the garage door cables and cable drums section of our online store. We offer both torsion and extension cables and durable drums for doors up to 12 feet high. Of course, we also offer a large selection of other garage door parts, supplies and tools for home and business customers.

If you're new to do-it-yourself garage door repair, you might want to start with the "Garage Door Parts and Components Overview" video that we provide on our help page. In this video, you can follow along as all of the different moving parts get pointed out, described and explained in a very clear way. After watching this short video, you should understand how all of the parts work together to operate your door.

You will find that our family-owned, American garage door parts business works harder than any of its competitors to provide customers with quality parts, great customer service and DIY instructions. We also offer generous return policies and warranties.

Garage Door Cables

Most DIY garage door repair people purchase garage door cables that have already been assembled with all of the fittings. You will need either a torsion or extension cable, depending upon the type of garage door spring installed on your door. There are three different kinds of cables: open loop, thimble and spool. Open loop is the most common type of cable.

What size garage door cable should you order? The easiest way to make sure that you order the right size is to measure your old cable. Be sure that you measure the entire cable length, including the ends and stops. Otherwise, the correct length may depend upon your door height and the lift style. For example, you may have a standard-lift door, but you could also have a vertical- or high-lift door. For standard-lift garage doors, your cable should be 18 inches longer than your door's height.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us before you order. We sell standard assemblies for typical 7-  and 8-foot doors. However, we can also supply cables for your custom door with our custom cable assemblies. Just let us know what size that you need when you fill out the order form, or contact us to learn more.

Replacing torsion garage door cables: If you've never replaced your cables before, you should view our video about replacing torsion cables. This tutorial explains how our cables are both stronger and somewhat thinner than cables with which you may have had problems in the past. Because of their strength, they can last for many years. Also, because they are thinner, they fit into the cable drums very well. This means you should not have problems with fraying. They should also run a lot more quietly than most cables.

Garage Door Cable Drums

Cable runs through the cable drums as it works to lower and close your garage door. There are three different kinds of drums, and this is how to tell the difference between them:

  • Standard-lift: These drums are mostly level. They look almost like a spool and are the most common kind of cable drum.
  • Vertical-lift: These are taller than the standard drums and almost look like a cone. The cable moves further away from the shaft as the door closes.
  • High-lift: High-lift cable drums are sort of a hybrid between standard and vertical. They are level on one end and spread out on the other end.

Often, when a door isn't closing or opening straightly and smoothly, the cable drums are the culprit. Replacing these inexpensive parts can help extend the lives of the opener, the cable and even the garage door. We offer garage door cable drums that can handle doors up to 12 feet in height and that weigh up to 375 pounds. Even more affordable are our drums for doors up to 8 feet tall and up to 265 pounds.

Our quality, American-made garage door cable drums suit the majority of doors. However, if you have questions or don't believe that you can find what you need in our online parts store, please contact us. You are welcome to email us, give us a call, or use the chat on our website.

Video Tutorials for DIY Cable and Cable Drum Replacement

As a service to DIY handymen out there, we have taken some effort to produce and publish an extensive series of DIY garage door repair and replacement videos. Besides our DIY Garage Door Help Center, we also maintain an active YouTube channel. 

You can follow this link to find DIY garage door videos on YouTube. The advantages of using YouTube are as follows:

  • You can find a lot of mobile apps to view these videos as you work outside in your garage.
  • You can leave feedback on any videos about which you might have comments.
  • If you find our tutorials helpful, you can share them with your friends.
  • Another way to connect with us is through the DIY Garage Door Parts Google+ page.

Why Order Garage Door Cables, Drums and Other Parts From Us?

Most online retailers of garage door parts aren't true distributors and manufacturers. That means that they do not enjoy our ability to purchase in large quantities and pass wholesale prices for garage door parts on to customers. Most of all, the folks behind many other garage door part stores cannot offer the support that we do, because they do not have our expertise in repairing garage doors and purchasing quality parts.

This is what we want you to know about DIY Garage Door Parts:

  • We stock a vast inventory of parts, tools and supplies, and typically, we can send orders out within a business day of ordering.
  • We are proud to operate as an American and family-owned distributor and manufacturer of garage door parts.
  • If we don't happen to stock some custom or obsolete part that you need, there is a good chance we can either track it down or make it, so please ask.

Let us know if you have any questions. We pride ourselves on offering great service before, during and after sales. Browse our large inventory, and buy with confidence. You know that if we suggest or stock a particular cable, drum or other supply, it is because our experience has shown us that it is the best one for the price.